Trappe Town Code

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Norm Fegel

President and Public Works Commissioner for Water and Sewer

Term Ends May 2017

Robert G. Diefenderfer, Jr.

Public Works Commissioner for Streets

Terms Ends May 2019

C. Donald English

Public Safety Commissioner

Term Ends May 2017

Rose Potter

Vice President and Parks Commissioner

Term Ends May 2017

Tonya P. Pritchett

Grants and Economic Development Commissioner

Term Ends May 2019

The council meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall.
Special meetings and public hearings are scheduled as needed and posted on the bulletin board on the front of the town office building, and when possible, on line. To be placed on the meeting agenda, please contact the Town Clerk, Phone:(410) 443-0087 – FAX (410) 443-0562 email: