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For Police services, except an emergency, please call the 24 hour dispatch number at 410-476-5005.
Town of Trappe Police

Police Chief George Ball

The Town of Trappe is policed by the Trappe Police Department, George Ball Chief, along with assistance from the Talbot County Sheriff's Office and the Maryland State Police Department. In September 2009, the Council of Trappe adopted a police mutual aid agreement between the Trappe Police Department and other nearby departments.

Chief George Ball now has his office located in a newly renovated space the back of the Trappe Town office building at 4011 Powell Ave. (shown below). Please use the Sullivan Street entrance (between the Fire House and Town Hall). Press the button on the black intercom box to be admitted. If the Chief is not in, please call 911 for all emergencies.
Information from chief ball can be found monthly in the Trappe Newsletter "the Index" in the Chief's corner.

Police Chief George Ball

In November of 2006, Chief George Ball was sworn in before a standing room only audience consisting of town citizens, family members and law enforcement officers from various police forces that will support and work in cooperation with Trappe's new police department. After more than 20 years, The Town of Trappe Police Department was reactivated in 2007.

Click image to download Missing-Child Emergency-Response Guide in PFD format

As always, if anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions, please give me a call at 410-829-0613.
George Ball - Chief of Police